This Pune auto is equipped with drinking water, newspaper rack, first aid box facility for passengers 

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Pune: A small act of kindness can make a big difference in people’s lives. Acting on this an auto-rickshaw driver in Pune is providing a unique service to his passengers and those passing by. Since 2017, he has been offering free drinking water during the hot summer months, filling a container with filtered water that he refills from a filter present at Laxmi Road.

The driver, Keshav Ganbote, said, “With the soaring temperature, people often look for clean drinking water. Many who see this initiative in mu auto stop by and come to refill their water bottles. I feel content by offering them this service. After seeing the free water service board, many people approached.” 

He added that the response to the service has been overwhelming. 

In addition to the free drinking water, the auto-rickshaw is equipped with a dustbin for used water glasses and waste, a first aid kit with all kinds of medicines and necessary equipment, and some books and newspapers for passengers to read. There is also a kettle installed for passengers who need to boil milk for little kids, with available charging slots in the auto-rickshaw.

The driver’s kind gesture has won him praise from all quarters. In a city where summer temperatures often soar, his service is a relief for many.

Passengers have lauded the driver’s initiative, calling it a selfless act of kindness that sets an example for others to follow. The driver hopes that more people will take up similar initiatives to make a positive impact on society.

Mrunal Jadhav