Pre-Monsoon Chaos: Swargate ST Depot Inundated, Passengers Slog Through Stagnant Waters

Pre-Monsoon Chaos: Swargate ST Depot Inundated, Passengers Slog Through Stagnant Waters

Pre-Monsoon Chaos: Swargate ST Depot Inundated, Passengers Slog Through Stagnant Waters

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Officials scramble to address drainage woes ahead of monsoon season.

20 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

As the monsoon clouds gather over Pune, commuters at the bustling Swargate State Transport (ST) depot find themselves struggling through dirty, stagnant waters long before the onset of the rainy season. What was once considered a routine inconvenience during the monsoon has now become a year-round ordeal for thousands of passengers traversing to and from different parts of Maharashtra.

Last Thursday’s heavy pre-monsoon showers inundated areas inside and around the Swargate ST depot, leaving passengers stranded in ankle-deep water. Despite the passing days, the stagnant water has yet to recede, causing significant distress for commuters and pedestrians alike.

Pradeep Awhad, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of the Bibwewadi ward office, shed light on the root cause of the problem. He revealed that the inadequate 12-inch drainage line of the ST depot fails to accommodate the large volume of water, especially during heavy rainfall. Awhad emphasised the urgency of upgrading the drainage system to alleviate the persistent waterlogging issue, which not only inconveniences passengers but also affects pedestrians outside the depot.

Ganesh Sonune, head of the disaster management department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), echoed Awhad’s concerns, highlighting the adverse impact of the depot’s drainage woes on surrounding areas. Despite previous improvements to the stormwater drainage system in the Swargate vicinity, the deficiencies in the ST depot’s drainage infrastructure exacerbate the problem, causing water to flow onto the road and impeding pedestrian movement.

Kailash Patil, MSRTC Pune divisional controller, attributed the delays in bus operations to the ongoing waterlogging crisis. He pointed out that the influx of passengers during the summer vacation exacerbates the situation, with the backward flow of water from the external drainage system further complicating matters. Patil urged civic authorities to undertake necessary repairs to mitigate the inconvenience faced by commuters.

For passengers navigating through the inundated ST depot has become a harrowing experience. A passenger recounted his struggle to traverse the depot amidst sewage water, while another lamented the stark contrast between the ongoing construction of the Pune Metro and the neglect evident in the waterlogged surroundings.

Swargate ST depot, known as the city’s busiest transport hub, witnesses over 50,000 passengers daily and hosts more than 600 bus movements each day.