Public exhibition on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear equipment held in Pune

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As per the instructions of the MoD(DGQA), NBCE Wing – Pune had organized a public exhibition on 10 May 2023 for extending general awareness on Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) matters.

Various CBRN Protective Equipment, CBRN Contamination Clearing Equipment, CBRN Emergency Protection and Rescue Drills by NDRF, etc have been shown in the exhibition.

Apart from NBCE Wing – Pune, a good number of vendors, Government Departments and Laboratories have showcased their wares in the exhibition. Ministry of Jal Shakti was a major participant in the field of protection from CBRN contaminated water.

A large number of public and various Defence Training Institutions have converged into the Exhibition and they were very enthusiastic about watching the high-tech equipment. There was also a screening of films on the subject and the same evoked good interest among the visitors.

The exhibition was a great success in creating awareness about CBRN matters amongst the common public.

Podar Prep
Podar Prep