Pune : 7000 police personnel to be deployed in city during Ganesh Festival

Pune Pulse Pune : 3000 police personnel to be deployed in city during Ganesh Festival

Pune : 3000 police personnel to be deployed in pcmc  during Ganesh Festival

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PUNE: During the upcoming Ganeshotsav festival in Pune, a total of 7,000 police personnel will be deployed to maintain law and order. 

The Pune Police has taken measures to ensure security in light of potential terror attacks and unforeseen incidents. 

The festival, which holds a significant historical and cultural value, is scheduled to commence on September 19.

Stringent security measures will be implemented in the city and its suburbs throughout the duration of the festival. Given the influx of tourists from various parts of the country, the police have devised a security plan that takes into account the high volume of people in the city center.

As per the information provided, police officers will be stationed to prevent incidents of theft of mobile phones and jewelry. The police commissionerate will deploy around 5,000 police personnel, officers, crime branch teams, 1,300 police personnel from outside Pune, 1,000 home guards, and five CRPF units.

Bomb detection squad will conduct checks in crowded areas near Pujya Ganapati Mandals, while trained dogs and police personnel will conduct inspections in other crowded places. To monitor the crowd, 1,800 CCTV cameras will be installed during the festival. The police have instructed mandal workers to install CCTV cameras in the pandal premises. The police will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the public during the festival.

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