Pune : Average 70 girls go missing from Maharashtra : Rupali Chakankar

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The news of an average of 70 girls going missing from Maharashtra every day is alarming and highlights the urgent need for increased efforts to protect the safety of girls.

According to Rupali Chakankar, chairperson of Maharashtra State Commission for Women, a total of 5510 girls have gone missing from the state between January and March 2023. The months of January to April showed a consistent increase in the number of missing girls, with 1600, 1810, and 2200 girls going missing, respectively.

Chakankar has called on the Home Department to take immediate action to address the issue and the missing persons’ cell of the police to investigate the reasons behind such a large number of missing girls. It is concerning to note that the rate of missing girls is higher in rural areas than in cities. In March, Pune reported the highest number of missing girls at 228, followed by Nashik at 161, Kolhpaur at 114, Thane at 133, Ahmednagar at 101, Jalgaon at 81, Sangli at 82, and Yavatmal at 74.

This issue requires a comprehensive approach involving not just law enforcement but also community-based initiatives to prevent the abduction and trafficking of girls. The government and civil society organizations need to work together to raise awareness and provide support to families and communities affected by this issue. The safety and well-being of girls must be a priority, and immediate action is needed to address this concerning trend.