Pune: Bavdhan Residents Call for Urgent Measures to Address Chandani Chowk Traffic and Safety Issues

Pune: Bavdhan Residents Call for Urgent Measures to Address Chandani Chowk Traffic and Safety Issues

Pune: Bavdhan Residents Call for Urgent Measures to Address Chandani Chowk Traffic and Safety Issues

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In a bid to address the escalating traffic chaos and safety concerns in Bavdhan, the Bavdhan Citizens Forum (BCF) has issued a fervent plea to the administration for urgent intervention. 

21 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

The citizens’ forum, through a formal letter, has highlighted several pressing issues plaguing the locality, emphasising the imminent risks posed to residents due to the prevailing traffic mismanagement. 

They highlighted various issues that the citizens have been grappling with including the absence of proper sign boards indicating parking zones, which has led to rampant illegal parking practices, with vehicles obstructing footpaths and impeding the flow of traffic on main roads and inner lanes. Citizens resort to parallel parking multiple vehicles simultaneously, further leading to congestion by occupying the road space meant for smooth vehicular movement. 

The forum also highlights issues regarding the improper inspection of essential documents for water tankers and construction trucks which increase safety risks on the roads. The ongoing construction projects in Bavdhan have also contributed to traffic congestion followed by improperly parked vehicles, amplifying the need for swift resolution.

Manish Deo, a resident of Bavdhan as well as a member of the BCF, highlighted several pressing issues affecting the community post-COVID. He emphasised, “There is insufficient manpower to address the increasing encroachments on footpaths as well as the issue of double and triple parking. There is a significant inconvenience being caused to residents by visitors and the absence of parking boards or signs, leading to excess traffic congestion, particularly near the khaogalis.”

He expressed concerns about pedestrian safety due to inadequate provisions for crossing roads and highlighted the slow pace of construction work in the area. “We are having an ongoing discussion with Bavdhan police regarding these issues, stressing the need for additional manpower to effectively manage the situation,” he said. “Also in order to accommodate customer parking on the Chandni Chowk bridge, installation of jammers on four-wheelers is needed to mitigate the problem. The PMC should take action against encroachments and mitigate the situation.”

BCF Seva, renowned for its collaborative efforts with law enforcement and administrative bodies, urges immediate measures to rectify the prevailing security flaws. They have demanded the presence of traffic personnel to regulate vehicular movement and curb illegal parking practices, the implementation of clear signs to delineate designated parking areas and action against unauthorised parking. They urge the authorities to introduce stringent penalties, including jamming and fines, for vehicles found in violation of parking regulations. 

They are advocating for a discussion with the officials to formulate a comprehensive strategy addressing parking issues and ensuring the safety of Bavdhan residents. In anticipation of prompt action, the citizens await a substantive response from the administration to mitigate the burgeoning traffic woes and safeguard public safety in Bavdhan.