Pune: Bavdhan Residents Raise Oppose PMC’s Move Towards Proposed Expenditure On Statue At Chandni Chowk 

Pune: Bavdhan Residents Raise Oppose PMC's Move Towards Proposed Expenditure On Statue At Chandni Chowk

Pune: Bavdhan Residents Raise Oppose PMC's Move Towards Proposed Expenditure On Statue At Chandni Chowk

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The Bavdhan Citizen Forum, and several residents of the area have voiced significant concerns over the planned allocation of funds for constructing a statue of Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

Milind Kadam, a local resident stated that while deeply respecting Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s legacy, the Forum believes that this decision necessitates reconsideration, given the urgent civic issues facing Pune.

Firstly, the Forum highlights the perceived wastefulness of directing substantial funds towards a statue amidst unresolved civic challenges. They argue that these resources could be more effectively utilized to address critical infrastructure and public service deficiencies affecting the daily lives of Pune’s residents.

Moreover, the proposed location for the statue, situated on one of Pune’s busiest highways, raises apprehensions about potential traffic congestion. The Forum fears that such a placement could worsen existing traffic problems, causing inconvenience and delays for commuters.

Instead of prioritizing the statue, the Forum urges authorities to focus on essential infrastructure improvements. They emphasize the need for constructing a subway or skywalk to ensure safe pedestrian crossing, thereby enhancing public safety and traffic management.

Additionally, the Forum highlighted the issue of noise pollution from the adjacent highway, which disrupts the promised tranquil living environment for residents. They advocate for installing sound barriers along the highway to mitigate this environmental concern.

Furthermore, the Forum lists various critical needs such as operational CCTV systems, equipped hospitals, a MahaDiscom Power Sub-station, playgrounds, public toilets, designated hawker zones, and improved footpaths. Addressing these necessities, they argue, would significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of life for Bavdhan residents.

The Bavdhan Citizens Forum appeals to the authorities to reconsider the allocation of funds and prioritize addressing these pressing civic concerns.