Pune Company’s Laser Machine Expedites Rescue of Uttarkashi Workers

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Pune Company's Laser Machine Expedites Rescue of Uttarkashi Workers

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A total of 41 workers trapped within Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel faced a critical situation when the conventional drilling machine being utilized in their rescue mission malfunctioned, causing a substantial setback.

In a timely intervention, Pune-based company Suresh Indu Lasers Private Limited came to the rescue by deploying its advanced laser equipment to eliminate the obstruction hindering the ongoing operation. The hindrance, a 40-meter blade from the drilling machine, had to be meticulously cut to facilitate access to the rescue tunnel.

Initially, the rescue teams had embarked on the laborious task of severing the blade using traditional tools. Recognizing the time constraints and urgency of the situation, the decision was made to employ the laser device provided by Suresh Indu Lasers Private Limited.

A senior official from the Pune-based company revealed that their laser equipment, dispatched on November 26, successfully completed the task on the same day. The official, accompanied by the company’s team, also conducted a site visit to oversee the operation.

Emphasizing the collaborative nature of the effort, the official highlighted that due to restrictions on civilian access to the tunnel, they promptly trained the rescue workers on the operation of the laser equipment.

The government enlisted the assistance of Suresh Indu Lasers Private Limited while the company was engaged in an exhibition in Chandigarh. Facilitating a swift response, the company transported its equipment to the location through a designated green corridor. The company’s owner-director, production engineer, designer, and machine operator also joined the operation on-site.

Established in 1990, Suresh Indu Lasers Private Limited specializes in the production of laser cutting, marking, engraving, and welding equipment. Their products cater to diverse industries such as construction, shipbuilding, automotive, and aerospace. Notably, the company also serves various government organizations, including DRDO, BARC, ordnance factories, and IITs.

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