Pune: Excise dept flying squad to curb illicit liquor ahead of New Year celebrations

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The state excise department, Pune to keep an eye on illegal consumption and trafficking of liquor

24 Squads formed by State Excise

Around 24 squads, 14 regular and 10 special squads have been formed by the Maharashtra Excise Department, Pune and various check posts will also be made to keep a close eye on the supply, transport and sale of illegal liquor.

Illicit liquor should not be sold or transported or be in possession as it is a punishable crime under section 65 of the Bombay Prohibition Act. 

However, the Maharashtra Excise Department, Pune till date has inspected 358 suspicious vehicles.

State Excise to Keep Close Vigil on New Year Eve
Excise department officers will be patrolling in the night and to keep law and order in place will be working 24 by 7. And strict action will be taken if any objectionable liquor is found coming from other States. 

Flying Squad of State Excise Department

The squads formed will be keeping watch on the sale, supply and consumption of illegal liquor. The team will be patrolling during night time, informed C B Rajput, Superintendent, Pune state excise department

State Excise, Pune Flying Squad Helpline

He has appealed citizens to contact toll free number 18002339999 and telephone number 020-26127321, if any illegal liquor is being sold around them. Day liquor permits can be bought at Rs 5 per day.

Mrunal Jadhav

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