Pune : Forest County Residents in Kharadi Annoyed by Ongoing Delay in Road Construction

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By: Pune Pulse

September 1, 2023

Pune: The road refurbishment & concretization work is still going on in Kharadi, causing a lot of problems for the people living in Forest County Society.

The road works have been going on for a long time now and it has taken longer than expected. The people living in Kharadi are not happy about this.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Mayur Kotak, a resident of Forest County, Kharadi, expressed his frustration saying, “The road work is still pending outside Forest County society even after starting a long time ago. Only half the work seems to be done till now. It might take 2 more months to complete. Traffic problems are taking place every day due to this.”

Dnyanesh Dandekar, another resident of Forest County, Kharadi, highlighted the fact that the road work began almost eight months ago but it is still not done, causing major traffic congestion. Driving to nearby areas is still time-consuming, school transportation services are still disrupted etc.

Gagan Gupta, another resident of Forest County, Kharadi, said, “This road work has been going on for a long time, and it’s making travelling & other things very difficult. Traffic has increased here. It has become a spot for accidents due to such unprofessional work & approach. I wish the authorities would give a concrete reply as to when this project will be finished.”

Gati Shinde, Chairperson of Forest County Society, Kharadi said “The road contractor had given us August 15 as the date of road work completion. However, it is August 31 now. Still, the work is pending. It seems like the workers do not know what they are working on as some days ago, the MNGL gas pipeline & water line of the society were broken due to the work, resulting in unbearable stink & chaos. Don’t know how long it will take to complete this work.”

Pankaj Attarde, contractor of the said work, said “Only 1 to 2 water pipes are left to be put which will be put in 8 days. After that, the entire work will be complete.”

Shreyas Vange