Pune: Forest dept bans tourist entry into reserve areas 

Pune: Forest dept bans tourist entry into reserve areas 

Pune: Forest dept bans tourist entry into reserve areas 

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The forest department has banned tourist entry into reserve areas without prior permission from the forest department after several instances of overcrowding of isolated tourist spaces including waterfalls, forts, and waterbodies.

24 June 2024

Pune- The forest department has planned to take strict action against tourists engaged in wrongful behavior at picnic spots under the direct control of the Pune district forest region. The deputy conservator of forests, Pune forest division, stated that entering reserve forest areas at nighttime is restricted, and prior permission is mandatory before entering the biodiversity hotspots. Additionally, consuming alcohol, disturbing wildlife, and entering forest areas at night without permission from the forest department are considered penal offenses.

The citizens are requested to be vigilant in the forest areas and inform the forest department if they notice any troublemakers causing issues or breaking forest rules. The forest department has received complaints from citizens about overcrowding and unruly behavior in secluded tourist spots, which has been shared on social media.

The department has issued guidelines for visitors to maintain proper conduct in forest areas, warning that legal action will be taken against those who do not comply. While tourists are welcome to enjoy the natural beauty of these areas, they must refrain from littering with plastic and other non-biodegradable materials as they harm the environment.

The forest department has increased monitoring due to the disruption caused by people igniting bonfires, drinking alcohol, littering, and playing loud music in forts and reserved forest areas. The start of the monsoon has led to a high number of tourists visiting forts, waterbodies, and mountainous areas, causing chaotic situations and long traffic jams. Both the forest and police departments have been trying to address the issues caused by the influx of tourists for several years.