Pune: Four injured in bee attack on Sinhagad Fort

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Visiting Sinhagad on Sunday turned out to be an unfortunate plan for a few people as they were stung by honey bees.

Also, causing disturbance to the natural habitat of animals or insects can be troublesome for them too which may cause adverse effects on humans. Today’s incident was an example where humans interfered in the natural territory of the honey bees by disturbing them.

“The tourists entered the Tilak bungalow area which is prohibited. They disturbed the honey comb due to which the honey bees dispersed from the comb and the tourists were attacked by them. We have now cordoned off the area. Four people were admitted for primary health aid and were discharged from the hospital, ” said Range Forest Officer, Pradeep Sankpal.

Several incidents of honey bites have been reported during the summer months. Tourists are requested to take necessary precautions.