Pune Highway Police proposes additional halting spaces on Pune-Mumbai Expressway to curb accidents

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Pune: The state highway police division of Pune has proposed to the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and Ideal Road Builders (IRB) infrastructure developers to create more halting spaces along the busy Pune-Mumbai expressway. The proposal comes in response to the rising number of accidents caused by illegal halting on the expressway, which connects two of Maharashtra’s most populous cities.

Currently, the expressway has only two halting spaces at food malls, which are not suitable for heavy vehicles. This has led to haphazard parking on the shoulder of the road, posing a significant safety risk to motorists and disrupting traffic flow. To address this issue, the state highway police have requested IRB to take immediate action and create additional halting spaces at suitable locations along the expressway.

Lata Phad, superintendent of state highway police, stated, “The Pune-Mumbai expressway is a crucial transportation route with heavy traffic round the clock. The lack of adequate halting spaces is causing safety hazards and unnecessary delays for commuters. We urge IRB to construct multiple parking lots with proper lighting, security measures, and facilities to ensure a safe and organized parking environment.”

The proposed halting spaces would be equipped with restrooms, food stalls, and fuel stations, and would aim to reduce the risk of accidents and traffic congestion. The proposal has gained support from various stakeholders, including commuters, transport associations, and safety advocacy groups, who emphasize the need for more halting spaces on the Pune-Mumbai expressway. They have urged IRB and MSRDC to prioritize this issue to ensure the safety and convenience of all road users.