Pune Hosts Nirakar – A Group Exhibition On Abstract Art Till June 30

Pune Hosts Nirakar - A Group Exhibition On Abstract Art Till June 30

Pune Hosts Nirakar - A Group Exhibition On Abstract Art Till June 30

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Perceptions beyond Shapes Group Art Exhibition Depicting Abstract art Wednesday June 26, 2024 The ‘Nirakar’ art exhibition showcases the world of abstract art, where artists move beyond literal representation to convey deep emotions and ideas through colour, line, and shape.

By breaking free from realism, these artworks invite viewers to engage on a visceral and emotional level, interpreting and connecting with the pieces in their own unique ways.

Through a curated selection of works from established and emerging artists, the exhibition celebrates the boundless possibilities of non-representative art and sparks conversations about creativity, perception, and the limitless potential of artistic expression. The diverse range of art forms on display, from typography to photography, exemplifies the beauty and complexity of abstract visual art, illustrating the power of art to evoke feelings and ignite the imagination without the need for explicit references or narratives. 

The ‘Nirakar’ art exhibition serves as a creative showcase of the language of abstract art, where forms and shapes speak volumes beyond their physical attributes. Through various mediums such as driftwood art, paintings, and mixed media, the artists aim to transcend the boundaries of traditional representation and explore the depths of pure expression. This artistic endeavour not only highlights the richness of abstract art but also underscores the vital role of art in communicating profound emotions and ideas that transcend mere visual perception. By inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the world of non-representative art, the exhibition encourages  a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity inherent in abstract visual expression. 

It is being held in Happy Colony, Kothrud, Pune through Passion Artists Group.  More than 17 Artists have participated in this exhibition. The exhibition is open to all for free from June 26 – 30, 2024 from 11 am to 8 pm