Young people risk lives for social media fame

Young people risk lives for social media fame

A young woman dancing in the rain while her friend records a video for social media, moments before a thunderbolt strikes nearby.

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Young people are increasingly using social media, especially reels, to make and share short videos. What began as a fun hobby has turned into a potential career, with some earning money from their content. However, this quest for online fame has become dangerous, with more reports of people risking their lives for the perfect reel.

The desire to go viral seems to outweigh the potential dangers for some. These creators perform dangerous stunts, often ignoring the risk of serious injury or death. News stories about fatalities during the filming of reels are becoming more common.

This trend raises concerns about the pressure to create sensational content and the lack of safety awareness among young social media users. After a long dry spell, it rained for a while in Sitamarhi district on Tuesday, and the rain continued on Wednesday. Despite the rain, young men and women were busy making reels. One girl was walking in the rain on the terrace of a house.

She was dancing and enjoying the rain while her friend recorded her on video. Suddenly, a thunderbolt struck nearby. Fortunately, it did not hit the girl directly, sparing her from any harm. The video has now gone viral, highlighting the dangerous consequences of dancing in the rain. This close call will likely stay in the memory of the girl and may make her reconsider making reels in the rain.