Zomato delivery agent caught stealing food in Bengaluru

Zomato delivery agent caught stealing food in Bengaluru

A Zomato delivery agent was caught on CCTV allegedly stealing food from a doorstep in Bengaluru.

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Food delivery has made our lives easier, allowing us to order from almost any restaurant with just a click. However, things didn’t go as planned for a Bengaluru resident who found his food stolen, allegedly by a Zomato delivery agent, from his doorstep.

A homeowner from Bengaluru shared CCTV footage on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), showing what appears to be a Zomato delivery agent stealing a packet of food left at the doorstep. In the 52-second video, a person wearing a Zomato t-shirt delivers a packet of food and then notices another unattended food package. He picks it up, checks it thoroughly, and leaves with it. The post read, “We caught @Zomato delivery theft on our CCTV camera in Bengaluru. He delivers the order, spots our other food package at the door, quietly picks it up and goes away. Shocking indeed.”

The video quickly caught attention online, including Zomato’s. The company responded, saying, “Hi Aditya, we’re sorry that this happened. Please be assured that we take such matters very seriously, and we will take strict action against those responsible for such incidents. Please send us the order details via DM so that we can investigate this promptly.”

Later, Zomato updated their response, saying, “Hi Aditya, thank you for bringing this to our notice. Once again, we sincerely apologize for this incident. As communicated earlier, we have a zero-tolerance policy and have taken strict action against the delivery partner. The safety and well-being of our customers are of utmost priority to us. Feel free to reach out to us in case you require any other support.” Internet users were upset by the incident. Some shared their own experiences with delivery thefts. One user wrote, “Not uncommon though… regularly happens with the early morning delivery companies such as BB Daily and Milk Basket as well.” Another said, “This has happened to me by Blinkit in Kolkata twice.”

However, some users questioned why the parcel was left unattended. One asked, “Was the parcel yours? Then why didn’t you pick it up? Why was it there outside?” Others felt sympathy for the delivery agent, with comments like, “Poverty often leads to hunger and hunger leads to stealing food. Help him Zomato. He is human after all.” Another added, “I feel so sorry we failed as a society. Nobody is born a thief. It is so easy to judge. I am not saying stealing is right, but it’s just food. I feel we can order extra food and give it to our delivery guys if we can afford it. Spread smiles.”