Pune Incident: Armed Attack and Robbery Takes Place near 93 Avenue Mall in Wanowrie

93 Avenue Mall Pune Pulse
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A distressing incident unfolded near 93 Avenue Mall in Wanowrie on Pune – Solapur road when a group of four armed individuals targeted and robbed three young junior artists associated with the film industry. The victims have been identified as Imran Khan, Harsh Nathe, and Jishan Patni. Swiftly responding to the incident, Imran wasted no time in filing a complaint at the Wanowrie police station on Friday.

According to the authorities, the unfortunate incident occurred while Imran and his companions were enjoying a cup of tea at a stall near the mall on BT Kawade Road. Suddenly, one of the suspects initiated a confrontation with Khan, creating a diversion. Seizing the opportunity, the remaining three culprits approached from behind the tea stall, brandishing a sharp weapon to intimidate Khan. With threats hanging in the air, they forcibly snatched Khan’s mobile phone. In a further act of aggression, the assailants proceeded to rob Khan’s two friends, stealing their mobile phones and a sum of Rs 19,600 in cash.

Despite the shock and trauma, the victims bravely carried on with their professional commitments after the incident. Once their shoot concluded, they wasted no time in filing a First Information Report (FIR) at the Wanowrie police station. The police have taken immediate action, launching an active investigation into the case. Currently, the probe is underway, and authorities are determined to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this distressing attack.