Pune : Janwani and Cummins India Foundation beautify walls in Aundh’s Sanjay Gandhi Nagar

Janwani, in collaboration with Cummins India Foundation, has undertaken a commendable initiative to beautify small houses and walls in the Sanjay Gandhinagar Colony in Aundh, Maharashtra. Through creative ideas and innovative techniques, the collaboration has transformed the neighborhood, adding a fresh splash of colors and paint to uplift the community.

The project, aimed at promoting community engagement and uplifting the living conditions of the residents, has been a resounding success. Volunteers from Janwani and Cummins India Foundation joined hands to bring their creative ideas to life, and the results are truly remarkable. The small houses and walls that were once dull and drab have now been transformed into vibrant and visually appealing spaces, adding a sense of pride and joy to the residents.

The beautification project involved using eco-friendly paints and creative techniques to create murals, graffiti, and other artistic designs on the walls. The themes were carefully chosen to reflect the local culture, heritage, and aspirations of the community. The project also included planting saplings and creating small gardens in the colony to promote greenery and sustainability.

The impact of the beautification project has been significant, with the residents expressing their delight and gratitude. The vibrant colors and artistic designs have not only enhanced the physical appearance of the colony but have also instilled a sense of pride and ownership among the residents. The project has also created a positive ripple effect, inspiring other neighborhoods to undertake similar initiatives.

Janwani and Cummins India Foundation’s collaborative effort in beautifying Sanjay Gandhinagar Colony stands as a shining example of how creative ideas and community engagement can transform neighborhoods and uplift the lives of its residents. 

“Our aim was not just to add colors to the walls, but also to foster a sense of community pride and ownership among the residents. We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation of our volunteers and the support of the Cummins India Foundation in making this project a success,” said Vivek Jadhav, Janwani, NGO.


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