Pune : Lohegaon residents troubled by ongoing water logging issue on Khese Park Road

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By: Pune Pulse

September 2, 2023

Pune: Residents of various societies in Lohegaon are worried as the issue of water logging is increasing every year on Khese Park Road.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Yasmin Salam, a resident of Atlantis City, Lohegaon said, “Khese Park road is the only way for Lohegaon people to enter the Viman Nagar area. Every year, especially during the rainy season, the road gets water-logged, leaving commuters panicking. School buses get stuck due to waterlogging. Earlier, it used to take only 5-10 minutes to commute for short distances on this road but due to this, it takes hours to cover 5 km distance.”

Nasreen Benjamin, Chairperson of Splendid Square, Lohegaon said, “Water logging has become a very common problem on Khese Park road. There are multiple reasons for it such as rain, water left after construction work etc. Vehicles get damaged every time. This has become a prone spot for accidents & mishaps. Potholes & other obstructions can’t be seen. My office is in Kharadi, which is just 3 to 4 kilometres away. It takes me 40 to 45 minutes to get there. My son goes to learn & play football in Kalyani Nagar. He has to miss that as the auto-rickshaw driver or cabs refuse to come here due to waterlogging. It has become a real menace. No authority does anything to resolve this.”

Albert Moses, Secretary of Atlantis City, Lohegaon, said, “The water accumulated due to waterlogging gets so high that almost half the traveller gets drowned. The road is also very narrow over here & on top of that, there is two-way traffic. This Khese Park road has become like a chawl where people simply park vehicles where they aren’t supposed to, drive carelessly & break the rules etc. No one is around to stop them.”

Pune Pulse tried to contact the relevant PMC officials but couldn’t connect.

Shreyas Vange