Pune: Lonavala Records 134 mm Rainfall

Pune: Lonavala Records 134 mm Rainfall

Pune: Lonavala Records 134 mm Rainfall

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Heavy rains cause rivers and streams in Lonavala to overflow, attracting tourists to the lush green Sahyadri mountain range.

In the last 24 hours, heavy rainfall has hit Lonavala, a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. Lonavala recorded 134 millimeters of rain, causing rivers and streams to overflow. The Bhushi Dam, a major attraction, is also overflowing due to the continuous downpour. The rainfall was recorded till July 2, 2024 at 8.30 AM.

The Sahyadri mountain range surrounding Lonavala is now covered with lush green foliage, and waterfalls are cascading from the mountain valleys, creating picturesque views. The town has recorded over 700 millimeters of rain so far this year.

Lonavala’s continuous rainfall has brought in more tourists, especially on weekends. The traffic police are struggling to manage the influx of visitors. “Lonavala is beautiful this time of the year, but the heavy rain has made it a challenge to control the crowd,” said a local traffic officer.

Rainfall data from other areas in the region includes 141 millimeters in Shirgaon, 119 millimeters in Walvan, and 147 millimeters in Tamhini. In the lake areas, Vaitarna recorded 73 millimeters, Tansa 67 millimeters, and Vihar 66 millimeters of rainfall.

This continuous rain has turned Lonavala into a thriving green paradise, attracting more tourists despite the weather challenges.