Pune: Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo Highlights India’s Cutting-Edge Defence Technologies

Dighi: MSME Defence Expo Highlights India's Cutting-Edge Defence Technologies

Dighi: MSME Defence Expo Highlights India's Cutting-Edge Defence Technologies

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The ongoing ‘Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo,’ the largest of its kind in the country, has kicked off at the International Exhibition and Convention Center in Moshi (Dighi). 

The exhibition, held at the Induction Publicity and Exhibition Vehicle (IPEV), aims to attract young individuals to join the Indian Air Force, providing information about the various divisions and benefits of being an officer.

This grand exhibition, organized by the State Industries Department and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), marks a significant milestone as it focuses on showcasing cutting-edge defense technologies and equipment. 

The event was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and it has witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, civilians, and entrepreneurs, with more than 120,000 registrations recorded by midday.

Dedicated to modern defense technologies and weaponry, the event aims to attract a diverse audience, with a special emphasis on inspiring the youth to explore the field of defense sciences. 

The Maharashtra government, in collaboration with MIDC, has played a crucial role in organizing and hosting this exhibition. 

Notably, the event pays tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by featuring four majestic pavilions named after his iconic forts – Panhala, Sindhudurg, Shivneri, and Raigad. Each pavilion houses approximately 100 to 150 stalls, portraying the architectural brilliance of Maharashtra’s historic forts.

The exhibition boasts the participation of 418 small and 33 large enterprises affiliated with the Maharashtra Small Scale Industries (MSME). 

Additionally, three divisions of the Indian Armed Forces have actively participated, showcasing the latest in modern defense equipment. Visitors have the opportunity to witness thrilling displays of combat weapons, artillery, helicopters, and various types of guns. 

Visitors can witness demonstrations of sophisticated weaponry, including missile systems, tanks, combat vehicles, and various other military equipment. The exhibition not only aims to showcase the technological advancements in defense but also serves as an educational platform for students and civilians.

The interactive exhibits, including missile systems, tanks, helicopters, and diverse weaponry, provide a captivating experience, especially for school and college students. The presence of experts and engineers in the defense production sector, along with senior officers from the armed forces, has enhanced the educational and informative value of the event.

The ‘Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo’ not only celebrates the advancements in defense technology but also pays homage to the historical significance of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s forts. 

The active involvement of students, entrepreneurs, and industry experts reflects a shared enthusiasm for exploring and understanding the evolving landscape of defense sciences. 

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