Pune-Mumbai Expressway: Proposal for Designated Parking Lots to Curb Accidents

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Pune, May 31 : A proposal to construct designated parking spaces at specific intervals along the treacherous Pune- Mumbai Expressway to curb accidents is underway.

Once admired for its scenic beauty, the Pune-Mumbai Expressway has transformed into a perilous stretch, claiming numerous lives in fatal accidents that have plagued the region for years.

A significant cause of these accidents is the practice of vehicles halting along the highway to admire the picturesque landscapes. Thus, in order to mitigate these, it has been proposed the establishment of parking lots at strategic intervals along the highway. These designated spots will provide a safe space for individuals to park their vehicles, minimizing the risk of accidents. 

The proposal has been forwarded to the state government, and prompt action will be taken once instructions are received. Previously, the state government had mandated the implementation of the Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS). This comprehensive system includes components such as the Speed Detection System and Lane Discipline Violation Detection System. By utilizing these specialized machines, the speed of vehicles can be regulated.

Currently, 40 per cent of the work required to implement this system has been completed along a 94 km stretch of the expressway. The remaining work is projected to be finished by the end of September this year.

Presently, both traffic police and highway officials are actively taking measures to combat reckless driving. Stringent actions are being implemented, particularly at scenic spots along the highway and steep ghat roads, where vehicles are frequently halted. The aim is to enforce stricter regulations and inculcate a sense of discipline among drivers, ultimately reducing the likelihood of accidents.

A senior official from the MSRDC informed that the truck bye lays already exist on the route.

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