Pune-Nashik Highway to Get Major Boost with ‘Elevated Corridor’ to Tackle Traffic Congestion

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The Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has initiated plans for an ‘Elevated Corridor’ on the Pune-Nashik highway, aimed at alleviating traffic congestion. The project, under the guidance of the National Highways Authority of India, will involve the construction of an eight-lane wide highway to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic over the next 50 years. MLA Mahesh Landge, along with other people’s representatives, has emphasized the importance of ensuring smooth traffic flow on metro and internal roads.

A comprehensive presentation was conducted by the National Highways Authority of India, focusing on traffic congestion and future planning in the Bhosari, Kasarwadi, and Moshi areas of the Pune-Nashik highway within the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation jurisdiction. The presentation was attended by MP Srirang Barane, MLA Ashwini Jagtap, MLA Uma Khapare, BJP Chinchwad Assembly Election Chief Shankar Jagtap, Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh, and various department officials.

The proposed plan includes an extensive eight-lane road stretching from Nashik Phata to Moshi on the highway. It entails upgrading the existing road to a 4/6-lane configuration, incorporating two-lane service roads on both sides, and constructing an eight-lane ‘elevated flyover’ at Tier-1 supported by a single pillar. The presentation showcased the 29.81 km ‘elevated corridor’ passing through Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal limits, encompassing an eight-lane road, double-decker metro line, service road, and ramps.

Presently, Moshi witnesses a daily traffic volume exceeding 96,000 vehicles, while Khed experiences over 67,000 vehicles. The project will account for future traffic growth and accommodate over 670,000 vehicles per day once completed. Officials from the National Highways Authority of India have estimated that the Pune-Nashik ‘elevated corridor’ will have a capacity of more than 397,000 vehicles daily, considering village traffic as well.

‘Road Ramp’ facilities for local commuters will be incorporated as part of the project. The completion of the Pune-Nashik ‘elevated corridor’ will provide a clear pathway for trains traveling from Pune to Chakan. Additionally, road ramp facilities will be available at selected locations for local passengers traveling between Nashik Phata and Moshi, as well as for commuters traveling from Moshi to Nashik Phata. Furthermore, a route will be established from Pune Airport to Chakan.

In response to the project, Mahesh Landge, the City President and MLA of BJP in Pimpri-Chinchwad, expressed optimism regarding its timely completion. Despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and changes in government, the new BJP-Shiv Sena grand coalition government in the state is expected to prioritize and expedite the project. The concerned authorities have been urged to plan for the next 50 years and accelerate the tender process, reaffirming the commitment to develop the Pune-Nashik highway as per the ‘Vision-2020’ initiative.