Pune News : Angry husband sets vehicles on fire in Kondhwa 

In a bizarre incident, a Pune man set vehicles on fire after his wife filed an application for divorce. The accused was jobless even after six years of marriage, which compelled the wife to seek divorce. 

The incident was reported at the Kondhwa police station recently. Complaint against Terence Dominic John, 31 years, a resident of Kondhwa was reported for setting vehicles on fire on Monday, March 13. 

Terrence and his wife were married for six years and the accused had no job which led his wife to seek divorce from him. Despite pleading, the wife went ahead and filed for divorce application which angered Terence and he set his wife’s bike on fire. On March 13, when Crime Branch Unit 2 team led by Krantikumar Patil, API Rajendra Patole, police constable Pushpendra Chavan, Kadir Shaikh, Sameer Patel were patrolling in the area came to know about the incident and that the accused was in Lulla Nagar, Kondhwa area. He was handed over to Kondhwa police station for further investigation. 

The fire spread and several other vehicles around it were gutted in fire. Police have taken Terrence into custody and further investigation in the case is ongoing. Eight vehicles were damaged in the incident. 

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