Pune News : Car hits dumper and catches fire near Aga Khan Palace, woman driver rescued

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Pune: A dumper parked on the roadside was hit by a Ford Eco Sport from behind, and the car caught fire, leaving the woman driver in an unconscious state. The incident occurred at on the Nagar Pune Road in front of the historic Aga Khan Palace, Yerwada at 10:25 in morning.

The woman driving the car had hit a few other vehicles before colliding with the dumper. After the collision, she failed to realize that the car’s bonnet had caught fire. However, an unknown person helped the woman out of the car.

The security guards of the Shantivan software hub opposite the scene tried to douse the fire using the company’s fire extinguishers. And soon a team of fire brigade rushed the spot. The team included Officer-in-Charge Sopan Pawar, Driver Sachin Waghmare, Fireman Sachin Joujale, Sanjay Karle, Helper Rahul Wadekar, Sharad Darade, and Akshay Kedari.

Sopan Pawar, the firefighter, said, “The woman had hit two to three vehicles on the road before colliding with the dumper. Her car’s bonnet went under the dumper, causing the engine to catch fire. After the incident, the woman was found in an unconscious state, and her blood pressure was low. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.”

The exact reason behind the car catching fire is not certain. However, Nilesh Mahajan, the spokesperson for the fire brigade department, said, “The reason behind the car catching fire is not confirmed, but the woman didn’t realised that her car had caught fire. She was taken out from car by some unknown person who left the spot. Whereas, primarily we estimate that due to high temperature or collision the car might have caught fire.”

Mrunal Jadhav