Pune News: Comprehensive “Action Plan” Made for “Traffic Congestion-Free” Bhosari Assembly Constituency

Pune News: Comprehensive "Action Plan" Made for "Traffic Congestion-Free" Bhosari Assembly Constituency

Pune News: Comprehensive "Action Plan" Made for "Traffic Congestion-Free" Bhosari Assembly Constituency

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In a proactive move aimed at easing traffic congestion in the Bhosari Vidhan Sabha constituency, the municipal corporation, police administration, and relevant departments are collaborating to devise an all-encompassing “Action Plan.” This initiative includes designated halts for private buses to enhance traffic efficiency, with specific measures being put in place to alleviate commuting challenges.

Assembly member Mahesh Landge of the BJP has taken a leading role in addressing traffic issues plaguing Bhosari constituency. A crucial meeting was recently convened, attended by key officials such as PMRDA chief Rahul Mahiwal, Additional Commissioner Vijay Khorate, Chief Municipal Engineer Makarand Nikam, and Police Deputy Commissioner Vishal Gaikwad among others. Discussions primarily focused on accident-prone areas and strategies to mitigate them.

Currently, extensive tree cover from Nashik Phata to Moshi presents potential hazards during monsoons due to falling trees, necessitating immediate pruning and reforestation of critical areas. Authorities have also emphasized the need for proper drainage to prevent road hazards caused by unchecked erosion, with urgent instructions given to officials.

Additionally, illegal electricity poles from Dehu Phata to Jagnath office will be removed, with Mamta Park in Dighi set to be cleared of encroachments. Alternative routes will be explored to divert traffic away from congested areas like River Chowk in Chikhali, ensuring smoother flow and reduced traffic issues.

To further enhance traffic management, vehicles will be restricted from sensitive areas around schools, administrative offices, and residential complexes in Bhosari. Unauthorized vehicles obstructing public spaces will face strict action, as authorities coordinate efforts to uphold traffic regulations and ensure community safety.

Efforts are ongoing to transform Bhosari into a model constituency free from traffic snarls, with citizens urged to cooperate by adhering to traffic rules and promptly reporting any infractions. Enhanced monitoring and prompt actions during the monsoon season underscore the administration’s commitment to sustainable urban development and improved traffic management.

The “Action Plan” signifies a concerted effort by multiple administrative bodies to enhance traffic conditions and ensure safer, more efficient commuting experiences for residents of Bhosari.