Pune News: Gravels strewn on ITI road in Aundh remains neglected

A huge heap of gravels has been left unattended for over three weeks at Aundh’s ITI Road in front of the Crossword shop. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has not yet taken any action to remove the debris, causing inconvenience to the residents and commuters. 

The pile of gravels, located near a pedestrian walkway, is causing difficulty for pedestrians who are forced to walk on the road, risking their safety. Additionally, the stones have blocked a part of the road, causing traffic congestion and making it difficult for motorists to navigate the area.
In another hazardous situation, electric wires have also been spread across the pedestrian way near the same point. This poses a severe risk to pedestrians’ safety, especially at night, and requires immediate attention from PMC.

The residents of the area have expressed their concerns about the issue and have repeatedly complained to PMC authorities, but to no avail. The residents are demanding swift action to remove the debris and clear the pedestrian walkway of any hazardous material. The situation has drawn the attention of local news outlets, and the authorities are expected to take the necessary steps to address the issue as soon as possible. However, the delay in removing the gravels and the electric wires on the pedestrian way has raised questions about the efficiency of PMC’s response to the citizens’ grievances.

“I am working at the opposite side of the Crossword shop; my daily routine route is ITI road on typical days. We face a lot of traffic, and because of this huge heap of gravels, it’s been a double traffic jam. It has been over three weeks since this was not picked or cleared,” said Sneha Pawar, working in Akshay Complex, the building opposite the Crossword shop. 

“We are finding who is the owner of this crushed stones heap. We also tried to speak to nearby shopkeepers but didn’t find one yet. We will take action on this as soon as possible,” said Sandip Khalate, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Aundh-Baner PMC.

“We can’t find who is the person behind this. The crushed stones heap are spread on the road and the pedestrian way. We also asked nearby people multiple times, but they could not answer. We will talk with our officials and call a van to clear the stones soon. And wire on the pedestrian will also be cleared soon,” said Nimhan Khandu, Aundh Regional Office, said.

Nividita Kelapure 

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