Pune News : Kalyani Nagar residents fume over toxic fumes emitting from waste

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In a concerning development, a garbage depot located in Kalyani Nagar ahead of NM Medicals has come under scrutiny for being a potential health hazard. The depot, which is frequented by squatters, has been found to emit toxic gases due to the scorching summer heat that is causing the plastic waste to release harmful chemicals.

According to local residents, the area has been plagued by an unbearable stench for weeks, and they have expressed serious concerns about the potential health risks associated with exposure to toxic fumes. To make matters worse, there are no adequate toilet facilities in the vicinity, which further compounds the issue.

Daljeet Raizada, founder of the Jagruk Citizen Forum, have expressed their concern about the situation and are urging authorities to take immediate action. They have called on the Municipal Corporation to regulate the garbage depot, implement better waste management practices, and provide adequate sanitation facilities for the squatters.

The residents are hopeful that their concerns will be addressed soon, as they believe that the situation poses a serious threat to public health. They are appealing to the authorities to take swift action to resolve the issue before it escalates further.

Somnath Bankar, Assistant Commissioner, Nagar road ward office, PMC said the garbage collection van is regularly picking up the garbage, if the residents face any inconvenience we will look after it.