Wakad News : Chinchwad MLA visits Wakad societies to address pending drainage issues

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Wakad residents recently met Chinchwad constituency Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Ashwini Laxman Jagtap and discussed various issues related to drainage and storm water lines. 

Societies such as Panash A & B, Yash Wisteria, Emerald 1/2/3/4, Ganesh Imperia, Shonest Tower, Pristine Pro Life, Gold Finger Aveni and Nisarg Serene society in Wakad discussed their issues related to drainage which often emitted foul smell and were seen overflowing. 

Ashwini Jagtap went for a site visit to these societies and heard the problems faced by the citizens. 

The society residents demanded that the drainage system must be cleaned and closed, the height of the road should be lowered to match the level of the society’s parking lot and street lights be installed. She immediately instructed the concerned Municipal Corporation officials to take immediate action to address the issues raised by the societies. She also promised to install street lights, provide regular drinking water supply and CCTV cameras in the affected areas to ensure the safety of the residents. 

During her visit apart from residents, others such as Santosh Kalate, Sandeep Kaspate, Ranjeet Kalate and Sneha Kalate, who were relieved to see their complaints finally being addressed. 

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Ashwini said, “I understand the issues faced by the residents and I assure them that the necessary steps will be taken to ensure their safety and well-being. We will continue to work towards making Wakad a better place to live.”