Pune News: Minimum age to enroll in 1st standard to be fixed at six years

Pune News: Minimum age to enroll in 1st standard to be fixed at six years
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PUNE: The State education department authorities are likely to propose to the state government to implement the minimum age criteria of six years for the admission of Class 1. On Wednesday, the Union Ministry of Education directed all states and Union territories to fix the minimum age for admission in Class 1 as six years in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. 

The state education department authorities said, “We are considering six years as the minimum age to get admission into the first standard. However, the student’s age in December will be considered.” Earlier, the Union Government had asked all the states and union territories to fix the minimum age of a student to enroll in Class one to be six years old. While some states already applied the rule, states like Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan allow admission in Class 1 for students under six. 

Elaborating further, officials said that, to implement these new guidelines, the state government’s education department has to make a proposal and send it for the government’s approval, or the government should approach the education department to give their opinion on these guidelines. There has been no notification from the government regarding the maximum age limit to admit a student to Class 1.

The central government has also given restrictions on the age of the children to be admitted to nursery, junior KG, and senior KG.