Pune News : Pune Municipal Corporation faces criticism for razing down wall of Supreme Greenwoods society

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The Pune Municipal Corporation on April 19 entered the society’s premises of Supreme Greenwoods society without any official documents to break the wall, for which the matter is into the court for the last few years. Even after the PMC sent the society a letter recently on March 10 it was expected that the PMC would survey the area and conduct an inspection to the wall which didn’t happen and the officials with the bull dozer and other security forces barged into the premises, broke the wall and behaved arrogantly with the residents, alleged the society residents.

Bhupendra Pathak, secretary, Supreme Greenwoods on today’s action taken by the Pune Municipal Corporation said, “Today’s action by the civic body was trespassing our society’s private premises. We shall take action against them as they didn’t have any proper documents, the officials didn’t exhibit their identity proofs too. We are planning to take the issue with the Pune Municipal Corporation Commissioner soon following our advocates advice on the issue.”

The Pune Municipal Corporation came in with bull dozer and police force as a security measure. A lady resident from the society informed that the PMC came in without information to the society.

Adv Rajendra Palkar lawyer from the society’s side in his statement said, “The action taken by the PMC was illegal. There was no information regarding the visit or action which was taken by them today. Such actions are only taken when the construction is illegal but in that case the wall in our society is legal. In the entire action, the law was misused to a great extent and police force was used in a wrong manner. The society also plans to take action against those who are involved in the action.”

“We will approach the Commissioner that the PMC trespassed the society premises without displaying any official documents,” Pathak added.