Pune News : PMC cracks down on 239 unauthorised flexes in city

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Pune: Pune Municipal Corporation cracked down on unauthorised hoardings, banners, flexes, flags, posters, and kiosks in a massive operation led by Madhav Jagtap, Deputy Commissioner Licensing and Sky Signs Department. The action was taken on 19th April 2023, and various locations within the limits of the municipal corporation were targeted.

Ten teams have been formed in the city to conduct the demolition drive.

To carry out the eviction action, 5 cranes, 40 maintenance workers, 06 gas cutters, and 5 shovelers were deployed. Those who had installed advertisement hoardings and boards without a license were booked, and the operation resulted in the removal of a total of 239 flexes.

Of the flexes removed, 21 were hoardings, 176 were boards, banners, and flexes, 16 were flags, 21 were posters, and 15 were kiosks. The License and Sky Signs Department has vowed to intensify the eviction action to prevent the installation of any further unauthorized hoardings, unlicensed boards, banners, flexes, flags, posters, kiosks, etc.

Mrunal Jadhav

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