Pune News : Rise in temperature causing intense cough and other viral infections in people, say city doctors

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Pune: Sudden rise in temperature and extreme weather fluctuations are triggering intense coughing spells along with other viral infections in people, say doctors in the city.

With day temperatures hovering between 34 °C and 36 °C in Pune, there has been a surge in complaints from patients suffering from viral fever, cough and cold.

Dr. Murtaza Saifee, a homeopath and a paediatrician, who has been treating over 50 patients everyday for viral infection and cough says that the virus circulating in the air is causing respiratory problems and the number of cases has increased among children and high-risk patients.

“We are advising patients to wear masks all the time as the virus is highly infectious and one family member is capable of infecting other members. They should also avoid crowded places and consume more liquids,” says Dr. Saifee.

According to the weather department, there could be a gradual rise of 2-3°C in the temperatures during the next two or three days. On Wednesday, Shivajinagar recorded 34 °C while Lohegaon recorded 32 °C.

Dr Mahavir Modi, Pulmonologist at Ruby Hall Clinic says that some of the patients with very bad cough are not even responding to treatment.

“Children with cough generally take 2-3 days to recover from the cough but seniors who suffer respiratory diseases or asthma are taking two-three weeks. If the cough does not heal by one-two courses of antibiotic, we have to administer steroids or nebulisation. But before anything, we investigate the cause of coughing to check if we are not missing on anything serious,” states Dr. Modi.

He says that since heat waves can trigger fatigue, dehydration, rashes and viral fever, people should avoid going out in the sun and should remain hydrated.

Adnan Attarwala