Pune : PMC to organize site visit regarding compensatory tree plantation at Hadapsar Industrial Estate on March 23 

PMC, Pune citizens to conduct joint site visit in Hadapsar Industrial Estate to check tree plantation status

PMC, Pune citizens to conduct joint site visit in Hadapsar Industrial Estate to check tree plantation status

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On 23rd March 2024 (Saturday), the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has organized a site visit to inspect the transplanted and compensatory trees at Hadapsar Industrial Estate.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Rekha Joshi, Member, Mula Mutha Nadi Darshan, said “There was a hearing regarding Sadhu Vaswani Bridge on 13th February. We had asked for the status of the trees which are being cut. It seems nothing has been done about it as the PMC did not know anything, so we couldn’t get clear answers. Then why is the PMC cutting trees near the bridge is what we asked. The PMC has cut a lot of trees for various projects in the past. Limiting it to the Dhole Patil Road Ward limits, we asked them to show us the entire scenario about the trees. 56 trees were going to be replanted. What has been done about it? If the PMC can’t tell us whether the tree replantation is done or not after so much time, then it seems the PMC isn’t doing any work towards this. There are many similar topics. Hence, we demanded a site visit regarding this.”

Ameet Singh, Economist & Founder of Puneसंवाद Group, said “The PMC is saying that they have planted trees as compensation for the trees cut. Also, the PMC said that for the 81 trees felled, compensatory replantation has begun. So, the PMC wants to shows us the entire scenario of the tree replantation. Hence, the real picture of the tree replantation will get clear.”

As per further information, this visit is in response to our demand raised on 13th February regarding the disclosure of the map of 56 transplanted trees and the status of 2265 compensatory trees promised for the 81 trees felled at the end of North Main Road to Aga Khan bridge, Koregaon park, from 14th to 16th December ’23.

Date: 23rd March 2024

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Hadapsar Industrial Estate

The citizens are appealed to come together in large numbers to make everyone’s voice heard and to ensure accountability and transparency from the PMC regarding the environmental concerns.

Shreyas Vange

Podar Prep
Podar Prep