Pune Railway Station Grapples with Rail Neer Water Bottle Shortage, Alternative Brands Approved for Sale

Rail neer water bottle
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Pune railway station grapples with a shortage of Rail Neer packaged water bottles, causing inconvenience to passengers. Alternative brands have been authorized for sale until the supply is restored. Learn more about the measures taken by authorities to address the issue.

In a recent development, the Pune railway station has encountered a shortage of Rail Neer packaged water bottles, the official drinking water brand of the Indian Railways provided at major railway stations nationwide. The scarcity of Rail Neer bottles at the Pune railway station is attributed to delays in their supply. This has resulted in passenger complaints regarding the unavailability of water bottles, leading to discomfort and inconvenience, especially during the scorching summer season.

Expressing his concern, Mahesh Divakar, a passenger, stated, “With the soaring day temperatures in Pune, the demand for water bottles is increasing. However, the railway department has failed to meet this demand. If they are unable to provide sufficient bottles, they should allow the sale of other brands at the railway station.”

Assurances have been given by railway authorities that steps are being taken to resolve the issue. Orders for a fresh supply of Rail Neer bottles have already been placed, but the timeline for restoring the normal supply levels remains uncertain. To address the situation, railway authorities have authorized the sale of alternative brands of packaged water at the Pune railway station until May 31. Additionally, they have mentioned the possibility of extending the sale of other water brands if the situation does not improve by March 31.

The shortage of Rail Neer packaged water bottles has raised concerns not only in Pune but also in other parts of the country. With the summer months in full swing, it is crucial for railway authorities to take swift action to ensure that passengers are not inconvenienced and have access to safe drinking water at all times.

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