Pune : Residents demand immediate resurfacing to curb accidents on Kondhwa – Mohammadwadi connecting road

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Kondhwa: Residents of the Punyadham Ashram Road, Undri and Pisoli near Kondhwa Budruk are facing major problems due to waterlogging and potholes on the stretch of improper road measuring approximately 100-150 meters, which connects Kondhwa to Undri, Pisoli and Mohamadwadi. The situation has become so dire that residents are struggling to navigate the road on foot or by two-wheeler. 

The residents have expressed their frustration with the situation, citing the lack of a proper drainage system in the area. They claim that the road gets waterlogged even during light rainfall, and it takes nearly three days for the water to dry completely. This has led to the development of large potholes, making it difficult for people to navigate the road without risking injury or damage to their vehicles.

According to a resident who wished to remain anonymous, the complaints to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have fallen on deaf ears. Despite several complaints, no action has been taken to fix the road, leaving residents to deal with the dangerous conditions on a daily basis.

Resident of the area, Shakir Chaudhary, said, “This is a one minute road but takes around 5 minutes to cross. I think it is one of the worst roads in Pune. And during the rainy season the vehicles are submerged in the water which accumulates on the road, and therefore stones were laid by PMC but now only stones have remained on the road.”

When Pune Pulse spoke to the concerned officer, he said “The PMC has acknowledged the complaints and stated that the process of drainage work near the road is in progress.” “Once the approval is received from the Standing Committee, the work will be done,” said Santosh Tandale, the Superintendent Engineer of the Sewage Department at PMC.

Another resident of the area, Saad Tungekar said, “The road has many potholes and we have been complaining about this to PMC for many days. In fact, a tender has also been issued for the repair work of these roads, but it has not yet begun. During the rainy season, water accumulates here, and the potholes on these roads, which are over 2 feet deep, are causing accidents and many health issues. Therefore, we request that this road be repaired.”