Pune : Residents Of Leprosy Colony In Kondhwa Grapple With Water Issues

Pune Pulse
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Residents of Antule Nagar in Kondhwa who are battling Leprosy are confronting numerous water-related challenges. These issues include the absence of water taps in their homes, irregular water supply, and other problems persisting for the past 5 to 6 years.

Sita Pardeshi, a resident of Antule Nagar, Kondhwa, shared, “The public taps near our homes have sporadic water supply, causing interruptions. This delays our daily routines and responsibilities. Often, by the time we reach the taps, the water is already gone. Moreover, we lack water taps within our homes. Due to my Leprosy-affected hands and legs, I rely on others to fetch water for me. This is our daily reality.”

Another Antule Nagar resident, requesting anonymity, expressed frustration, “Although we received a water pipeline in 2008, the supply remains inadequate. With around 350 families here, some lanes don’t receive water at all, leading to conflicts when residents from one lane access another. We need continuous and sufficient water supply to sustain our daily wages. Water arrives at odd hours, causing disruptions. Providing water taps in every household is vital for our well-being.”

Antule Nagar, with a population of 1,700 to 1,800, witnesses a substantial portion of its inhabitants struggling daily for water access.

Others in similar situations, including Anita Borgaonkar, Rashid Shaikh, Dastagir Hussain Mulla, Pannalal Nikam, and Ramesh Nandanwar, echo these concerns.

Satish Sawant, a member of a Leprosy NGO in Pune, revealed, “These individuals, once capable of fetching water themselves, face increasing challenges as Leprosy progresses and their physical abilities decline. Abandoned by their families due to the social stigma, they endure these difficulties. The irregular water supply disrupts their work and children’s education. A consistent water supply is essential for their survival.”

Aniruddha Pawaskar, Head of the PMC Water Supply Department, pledged to address this issue, assuring the residents of a solution for uninterrupted water supply in the near future.

Shreyas Vange