Pune : Resounding Success Of The First Ever Ted Ed Program By Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School Of Excellence

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Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence (BVRTSE), a prestigious Cambridge International School in Pune, made history on Saturday, 2nd September 2023, by hosting its first-ever TED Ed event.

This event highlights the school’s unwavering belief in the potential of young minds and their ideas to effect positive change in attitudes, lives, and the world. TED serves as the ideal platform to amplify the thought-provoking ideas generated by its students.

The main attraction of this event was the participation of nine students from Grades 9, 10, and 11. These budding speakers took the centre stage to inspire and challenge conventional thinking with their thought-provoking speeches.

The topics they explored ranged from the profound time management, significance of music, the art of effective communication, and the indomitable power of resilience to the often-stigmatized subject of teenage depression, self- acceptance, strategies for overcoming nervousness, and ways to guard against financial scammers. This event represented a perfect platform for these emerging change-makers to articulate their perspectives on pressing issues that demand our attention.

TED, a globally recognized non-profit organization, is dedicated to disseminating groundbreaking ideas primarily through its impactful and succinct talks known as “TED talks.” TED-Ed, an extension of TED, focuses on youth and education, with a mission to ignite and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students worldwide.

The TED Ed event at BVRTSE was graced by the distinguished presence of Ms. Swapnali Vishawajeeet Kadam, the school’s chairperson; Dhaval Mehta, Co-founder of TNI Career Counselling, an organization committed to guiding students towards fulfilling careers; and Esther Indurkar, a highly accomplished communication coach, corporate trainer, and a renowned TED-x speaker. Their presence added significant value to the event and emphasized its importance in nurturing the young minds of the school.

The TED Ed event at BVRTSE exemplifies the school’s commitment to empowering its students and providing them with a platform to express their innovative ideas. It demonstrated that the youth, when given the opportunity, can be powerful catalysts of change and inspiration.