Pune : Sadesatra Nali residents protest as Serum Institute of India stops road access

The residents of Sadesatra Nali near Hadapsar Manjari today had a tough day as the Serum Institute of India stopped access to the service road by digging a trench. The local resi1dents and regular passerby were in a fix as the century old road access was  stopped abruptly. The road access was stopped by erecting tin sheets and digging a trench. The matter went out of control as the local residents got into heated agreement with the local police. 

Hadapsar police station Police Inspector Arvind Gokule addressed the crowd by asking them to resolve the issue peacefully.  MLA Chetan Tupe, former deputy chairman Sandeep Tupe, Former Sarpanch Rupesh Tupe, Bhushan Tupe, former Deputy Sarpanch Nitin Tupe, Mahesh Tupe, Pradeep Gogawale, Deepak Devkar, Subhash Adsul, balasaheb Todmal, Sunny Todmal,  Tushar Bhosale and many others were present. 

Gokule appealed to the people to resolve the issue by meeting the Serum Institute of India officials but the residents were adamant that they would not stop the protest unless the SII brings some solution to it. Seeing the aggressive behavior of the local residents, the SII heard the matter patiently. A meeting was held with Adar Poonawa and the problem was resolved. 

Chetan Tupe, MLA informed that the matter was resolved after a meeting was held with the Adar Poonawala.  

 In the meeting held with the Adar Poonawala, Sandeep Tupe and Rupesh Tupe were adamant on urging SII to keep the service road open as it’s has been main commuting road for the last many decades. 

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