Pune : Sinhagad Road commuters face problems due to waterlogging

Pune Pulse Pune : Sinhagad Road commuters face problems due to waterlogging

Pune : Sinhagad Road commuters face problems due to waterlogging

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September 28, 2023

Pune: Pune experienced significant rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday, resulting in the inundation of roads and traffic congestion in multiple areas. The combination of partially cleared drains, and ongoing flyover construction contributed to the waterlogging, as potholes on the roads transformed into reservoirs for rainwater.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sanket Yeolekar expressed, “Sinhgad Road is considered a prominent thoroughfare in Pune city, but the current condition is pathetic due to heavy rains. In front of a lower-lying area near Ranka Jewellers, water is obstructed. The traffic is not able to navigate through the high levels of water. People are suffering and unsure of which path to take. Consequently, two-wheelers are particularly affected, and as a result, four-wheelers are accumulating behind them leading to traffic congestion. Pune Municipal Corporation should address and rectify this issue.”

Another Resident, Naval Dhanwate, added, “Waterlogging is a safety concern and is troublesome for senior citizens and pedestrians. It can lead to severe accidents as commuters are unable to gauge the depth of potholes. The construction of flyovers exacerbates traffic congestion and worsens the water logging situation. There are shops nearby, and if the rainfall persists at the same intensity, there is a possibility of them being submerged.”

Another Resident Rajiv Naidu, further emphasized, “Waterlogging has become a serious issue, causing difficulties in commuting. The stagnant water remains for an extended period, leading to the spread of various diseases.”

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sandip Khalate, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, added, ”Water is currently being cleared in the vicinity of Ranka Jewellers, Hingne Khurd. We have successfully concluded the task in the vicinity of Navale Bridge and PL Deshpande Garden. The ongoing efforts are diligently progressing, and it is anticipated that the water will be cleared soon.”

 Madhupriya Dhanwate