Pune to Bengaluru Journey On Air India Flight Turns Into Nightmare For Flyers. Know why. 

Pune to Bengaluru Journey On Air India Flight Turns Into Nightmare For Flyers. Know why. 

Pune to Bengaluru Journey On Air India Flight Turns Into Nightmare For Flyers. Know why. 

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Chetna Raja

Passengers aboard Air India flight AI-566 from Pune to Bengaluru on Friday faced a journey fraught with extensive delays, an unexpected diversion, and prolonged uncertainty, leaving them stranded and frustrated.

Scheduled to depart Pune at 11:20 AM and reach Bengaluru by 12:50 PM, the flight was plagued by unspecified technical issues, causing repeated delays, as recounted by a flyer and other affected travelers. Many passengers, having arrived at the airport early for their commitments, were left stranded for hours due to the prolonged wait.

Finally taking off at 3:00 PM, hopes of a smooth journey were dashed when the aircraft, en route to Bengaluru, unexpectedly diverted to Chennai mid-flight, without prior notification to passengers from the cabin crew or pilot.

A flyer described the confusion and distress among passengers upon learning of the diversion. “The captain later cited a technical issue related to fuel,” she explained, underscoring the inadequate communication that exacerbated tensions and led to heated exchanges among passengers.

Upon landing in Chennai around 5:00 PM, passengers anticipated disembarkation and further instructions. However, they were left confined within the aircraft until 6:40 PM, enduring over an hour of uncertainty without clear updates on when they would proceed to Bengaluru.

“The cabin crew assured us we would continue to Bengaluru on the same aircraft but failed to specify the departure time,” a flyer remarked, highlighting the growing frustration and discord among passengers during the prolonged wait.

Eventually, the flight resumed its journey from Chennai at 6:50 PM and finally touched down in Bengaluru at 7:40 PM, several hours behind schedule.

The incident has sparked widespread concern among passengers over communication protocols during disruptions and has raised significant questions about Air India’s handling of mid-flight technical issues. Frustrations among those affected linger, underscoring the challenges faced by air travelers amid unexpected disruptions in service.

Adding to the chorus of discontent, Venkat Iyer expressed disappointment, scheduled to travel on a connecting flight through Bengaluru, emphasizing delays in promised refreshments and casting doubts on future travel with Air India.

Similarly, Tony, concerned about his family on the flight, criticized the lack of communication about the diversion and highlighted the distress faced by passengers left stranded in Chennai. As inquiries continue into the circumstances surrounding flight AI-566, passengers’ experiences serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and challenges associated with air travel, urging airlines to prioritize transparency and passenger welfare in such situations.