Pune: Tomato Prices Skyrocket Due To Weather Conditions

Pune: Tomato Prices Skyrocket Due To Weather Conditions

Pune: Tomato Prices Skyrocket Due To Weather Conditions

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Tomatoes being sold at a market, now priced at ₹50-₹60 per kg due to reduced supply.

Tomato prices have surged dramatically as a result of climate change, impacting household budgets across the region. Due to reduced production, wholesale tomato prices have spiked from ₹10-₹20 per kg to ₹50-₹60 per kg. Retail prices are even higher, reaching ₹100 per kg, causing significant distress among consumers, particularly housewives who rely on tomatoes as a staple ingredient.

On June 23, only 7,000 to 8,000 boxes of tomatoes arrived at the vegetable section of the market yard, which is half the usual amount. Most tomatoes come from the Pune district, as well as Solapur, Satara, and Sangli. Traders attribute the reduced supply to the adverse effects of climate change on crops over the past few days, resulting in skyrocketing prices. “Tomatoes are an essential part of every household’s kitchen,” said Vilas Bhujbal, Senior Assistant at the market yard. “But with the current prices, they are out of reach for common people,” he added.

Farmers are also affected, expressing dissatisfaction with the situation. “Extreme heat followed by heavy monsoon rains has severely impacted tomato crops,” a local farmer explained. He further said, “This has led to a significant decline in production, pushing prices higher. The rising prices of tomatoes are also causing concern for other vegetables.”

“Leafy vegetables are expected to see continued price increases this month,” Bhujbal added.

As climate change continues to affect agricultural production, consumers and farmers alike are feeling the pinch, with no immediate relief in sight.