Pune : Traffic jam remains despite spending crores on Chandani Chowk flyover ; slam Supriya Sule & Satyajeet Tambe

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By: Pune Pulse

September 9, 2023

Pune: Due to increasing traffic issues despite broad flyover length, absence of proper paths for pedestrians and more, Supriya Sule, Member of Parliament, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) & Satyajeet Tambe, MLC have condemned the Chandani Chowk flyover.

Sule said through her X handle, ‘Although the road work at Chandani Chowk in Pune has been completed, the passengers travelling on this road have not been freed from the traffic jam. In the absence of direction boards, travellers are often found to be wandering far away. It is a fact that even if the face of Chandani Chowk is changed by spending crores of rupees, pedestrians face difficulties in walking. In view of this, Chandrakant Patil, guardian minister of Pune is requested to please inspect the problems faced here by the expert team of NHAI. Along with this, we should also study through Pune Municipal Corporation, Police Department and administration to identify the errors here and give instructions to the relevant system to remove them immediately.’

MLC Satyajeet Tambe said through his X handle, ’The work of the flyover, which was built to solve the problem of traffic congestion in Chandani Chowk, was inaugurated, but the situation seems to have worsened. The National Highways Authority of India has completed 17 kilometers of roads including 8 ramps, 2 service roads, 2 underpasses, and 4 bridges at a cost of 397 crores. However, there are guide boards at some places on these roads, while at some places no boards are visible. This leads to drivers not understanding the road and not seeing where the signs are posted. If the road goes wrong, the citizens have to walk two or two kilometres.

Although new roads have been constructed, pedestrians are facing many problems, and the fear of accidents has also increased due to many roads converging from all directions. Therefore, not only the traffic problems but also the mental problem of the people has increased. Although new roads have been laid at enormous expense to solve the traffic problem, the problem does not seem to have been solved.

Looking at all this, it is seen that adding planning to city development is the primary need.”

Shreyas Vange