Pune : Tragic Fire Breaks Out in Electrical Shop In Chikhali, Claiming Four Lives Including Two Children

Pune Pulse Chikhali Fire Incident in Electrical Shop
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A devastating incident unfolded in the early hours of this morning when a fire erupted at 5.25 AM in the Pooja Heights building, specifically within the premises of the Sachin Hardware and Electricals shop situated on the mezzanine floor. The site of the fire was Shahu Nagar, near the Old RTO office, Chikhali.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the fire’s likely origin was an electrical short circuit. Amidst the chaos, the responders stumbled upon a sum of cash within the premises. The fire officials promptly handed over the found money to the police present at the scene.

Tragically, the fire exacted a heavy toll, claiming the lives of four individuals, among them were two innocent children. The victims hailed from Pali village in Rajasthan and comprised Chimnaram Chaudhary, Namrata Chaudhary, Bhavesh Chaudhary, and Sachin Chaudhary.

As the investigation continues, authorities will diligently ascertain the exact sequence of events that led to this heart-wrenching incident.