Pune Weather : Heat-wave to keep more animals and birds dehydrated this year, experts warn

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April 20: As there has been widespread caution regarding the heat-wave in the city, animal rescue centres say that the cases of dehydration and heatstroke among birds and stray animals and even wildlife has risen marginally as compared to previous years. However in the coming days the cases may increase manifold, warns experts.      

As the sweltering heat, which has escalated to almost 38*C in the past few weeks in the city, is expected to cross 40 degree Celsius in the next few days.

“In just the past three weeks, we have tended over 90-95 cases of birds suffering from dehydration and we expect the numbers to go up in coming weeks. We have treated black kites, parakeets, barn owls and waders like heron, red-headed ibis and storks which have been found dehydrated. At times animals and birds suffering from injuries also end up getting dehydrated due to inaccessibility of water,” said Nachiket Utpat, Director – Outreach & Human-Wildlife Interaction at RESQ Charitable Trust.

Experts who have been advising citizens to put up water pots outside their homes for animals and birds to quench their thirst, say that besides city animals there are cases of heatstroke, fever and dehydration even among the wildlife around Pune.

“In past one month, we have rescued a mongoose, civet cats, snakes and a few birds including an Indian eagle-owl suffering from dehydration and heat related illnesses. Pune is becoming a concrete jungle with fewer green patches. Birds’ water sources have been destroyed and after flying for hours, they are unable to find water, which is why they collapse on the streets. The civic body should create several points in urban areas, where birds and animals could drink or bathe, said Azmin Mistry, who runs a private animal rescue centre near Bhor.  

“There has been a marginal rise in cases related to heat illness in animals and birds this year as compared to last year but it may increase. In emergency cases, the animals and birds should be admitted as soon as possible,” said an official from Raintree Veterinary Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre.

Adnan Attarwala