Pune : Yerwada Central prison amongst top overcrowded prisons in Maharashtra 

yerwada prison

Using scissors and a metal hinge, four prisoners attacked and killed an inmate in Yerawada jail

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Pune: According to data shared by the state prison department, Yerwada Central Prison is the most overcrowded prison in the state. Overpopulation in Yerwada central prison has been a long pending issue. As per data shared by state prison department on Monday, March 13 states that,against 2449 prisoners capacity, there are 6821 prisoners inside Yerwada central prison.

According to data, the prison has the capacity to keep 2323 male prisoners while it currently has 6558 male prisoners, at the same time prison has capacity of 126 female prisoners and keeps 258 female prisoners. As far as entire Maharashtra is concerned, the state has a total 60 prisons with a capacity of 24722 prisoners.While there are almost 41191 prisoners are kept in 60 prisons across Maharashtra.

As a part to decongest the prisons in Maharashtra, the state prison department decided to release 189 convicted prisoners from ten jails across the state to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Indian independence. The prisoners to be released include women inmates who had completed 50% of their sentence and are above 50 years old.

In another such initiative, the state prison department has also decided to offer a waiver in a sentence by reducing stay in jail to 89 convicted inmates, who have completed a degree course.According to the Prison Department, 89 inmates who completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), and other diploma, degree, and postgraduate courses between 3 October 2019, and 31 January, 2023, were granted a 90-day sentence waiver by reducing their time in jail.

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