Puneites fast to save rivers from pollution ; oppose beautification

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Pune: Chain fasting started by vigilant citizens opposing Mula-Mutha River Front Development Project just completed a hundred days mark. The hastily sanctioned project is environmentally harmful and will cause huge losses to the people of Pune, the citizens said.

The protesters have expressed their determination to continue the agitation.The RFD project has been under consideration since 2016.

The agitators have alleged that this unscientific project is being imposed on Punekars without taking the common citizens, NGO’s working on river etc in confidence. The original cost of the project was 1800 crores, which is increased to about 5000 crores.According to the activists, this project is going to waste taxpayers’ money; in addition, the risk of floods in Pune will increase immensely. It will also not reduce pollution in rivers.

On February 27, it was decided to start a chain fast. Tara Shinde fasted first for 24hours. Since then, one activist has been fasting every day for the demand of protecting Mula-Mutha rivers. So far 88 people have taken part in the chain fast and a total of 110 activists l actually participated in the event.

From 15 year old Ved to 73 year old Satyagrahi Pramod Khandekar. Some have fasted 7 times, some 4 times and some 2 times. On the day of fasting, every worker drinks only water. Each fasting person takes a picture of himself with a board in his hand and it is sent to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Minister of State for Environment and 5 officials of the Municipal Corporation by e-mail. On this board everyone writes why he is protesting. Activists said, “We are all fighting for rejuvenation of the rivers and not beautification. We want conservation of river ecosystem.”

The protesters are confident that many individuals and organizations will join their fight.