Raigad Fort Closed After Heavy Rains, Tourists Stranded

Raigad Fort Closed After Heavy Rains Stranded Tourists

Raigad Fort Closed After Heavy Rains Stranded Tourists

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Raigad, 8th July 2024: Heavy rains in Raigad district have led to the temporary closure of Raigad Fort. A severe cloudburst near the fort stranded 30 people, and a video of the scary situation has gone viral on social media.

The video shows tourists struggling to stay safe as heavy rain and water flows turned the fort’s paths into dangerous streams. The main steps of the fort became waterfalls, adding to the panic. Thankfully, rescue teams were able to save everyone, and no one was hurt.

After the incident, the Raigad district superintendent of police announced that the fort would be closed to ensure visitor safety. The rain has made the paths very slippery and increased the risk of landslides.

Police have put up barricades at the ‘Chitta Darwaja’ and ‘Nane Darwaja’ entrances to keep people out. The ropeway service to the fort has also been stopped for now.

The fort will stay closed until the weather improves and it is safe for tourists to visit again.