Rakhi Sawant Reveals Battle with Stomach Tumor, Thanks Salman Khan for Support

Rakhi Sawant Reveals Battle with Stomach Tumor, Thanks Salman Khan for Support

Rakhi Sawant Reveals Battle with Stomach Tumor, Thanks Salman Khan for Support

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Actress Opens Up About Health Struggles and Generosity Amid Surgery Recovery

Rakhi Sawant, renowned for her lively persona on and offscreen, recently shared a poignant chapter from her life. She spoke to a news agency detailing a formidable health ordeal. In the interview, the actress disclosed her recent surgery to remove a sizable tumor from her uterus, shedding light on a period of uncertainty and resilience.

The health scare began with symptoms initially misdiagnosed as a heart attack. However, subsequent medical examinations unveiled a daunting reality – a 10 cm tumor nestled in Rakhi’s stomach. This revelation prompted urgent surgical intervention, resulting in the removal of both the tumor and her uterus. “The doctors thought it was a heart attack,” Rakhi revealed, “but later, they found a 10 cm tumor in my stomach.”

During her recovery, Rakhi Sawant expressed profound gratitude towards Bollywood icon Salman Khan for his discreet yet substantial assistance. Salman Khan extended his support by generously covering Rakhi’s extensive hospital expenses, a gesture she lauded as emblematic of his unwavering support for those close to him. “He never forgets his people,” Rakhi remarked, acknowledging Salman’s behind-the-scenes benevolence. “He helps without telling anyone. He helped me with my medical expenses.”

Beyond Salman Khan’s support, Rakhi also credited her ex-husband Ritesh for standing by her side throughout the challenging journey. Despite their separation, Ritesh provided unwavering emotional support, earning Rakhi’s appreciation and admiration. “I praise him for being my rock,” she said, underscoring his pivotal role in her recovery process.

Looking ahead, Rakhi Sawant bravely addressed the emotional impact of her surgery, particularly the realization of not being able to conceive naturally. Despite this, she expressed optimism about exploring alternative avenues such as surrogacy to fulfill her dreams of motherhood. “I will think about surrogacy now,” Rakhi shared, drawing inspiration from the Bollywood film, Vicky Donor and signaling her readiness to embrace new possibilities.

Rakhi Sawant is a prominent Bollywood actress known for her vibrant personality and appearances in reality television. She has garnered attention for her outspoken nature. She remains a captivating figure in the entertainment industry.