“Real Luxury”: Post on Quality of Life in India vs. US ignites Online Debate

"Real Luxury": Post on Quality of Life in India vs. US ignites Online Debate

"Real Luxury": Post on Quality of Life in India vs. US ignites Online Debate

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Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s Reflections on Basic Amenities and Real Quality of Life Gain Significant Attention

A recent social media post by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi has ignited a lively discussion on the quality of life in India compared to the United States. The debate began when Sodhi shared her experiences and observations after spending time in both countries, highlighting what she believes constitutes true luxury and quality of life.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Sodhi initially praised amenities in India such as quick food deliveries, 10-minute grocery delivery, and affordable household help, considering them markers of a lavish lifestyle. However, her perspective shifted during her visit to the US, where she realized that more fundamental aspects like clean air, reliable electricity, available water, ample greenery, and good roads significantly contribute to a higher quality of life.

In her post, Sodhi wrote: 

“Day 11 today in the US and here’s a thought I had yesterday evening. It might trigger some of you. But if online text with somebody’s opinion triggers you that’s a space you should totally work on and protect for your own energy.”

She continued:

“I’ve always felt how luxurious life in India can be with: quick food deliveries, 10min grocery delivery, affordable household help. I literally survive on grocery deliveries lol. But REAL quality of life is actually stuff that’s super basic. It’s clean air, ongoing electricity, availability of water, plenty of greenery, good roads.”

Sodhi emphasized that a person wouldn’t need quick delivery services if they could enjoy clean air and felt safe walking to stores. She elaborated on the value of central air conditioning, freedom to wear comfortable clothing without harassment, and simple joys like morning walks, good air, green pastures, sunrise and sunset views, and bird sounds instead of constant honking.

Reflecting on her evolving perspective, Sodhi stated:

“Perhaps it’s my definition of quality of life and luxury that has changed. I don’t know if I’ll ever attain any of the above. But it’s definitely a thought in my head.”

The post has garnered over five lakh views and three thousand likes. Responses to Sodhi’s reflections have varied, with some agreeing and others providing counterpoints.

One user commented:

“100 percent agree. It takes courage to voice this opinion. Civic sense is a highly underrated attribute.”

Another user added:

“You can get such life if you move 50 kms away from any city in India.”

Others highlighted the pros and cons of both countries. One person remarked:

“Both places have their plus and minus. You usually cannot have everything in one place.”

Sharing personal experiences, another user noted:

“Living in Melbourne for 15 years and temporarily moved to Mumbai and I could see the difference clearly. You are 100% correct. We hardly had food deliveries in Melbourne but everyday in Mumbai because of pollution, traffic etc.”

A different perspective was shared by another user:

“Villages of India also offer you such a peaceful and healthy environment… Farmers of India are no less than living in US or Melbourne the only drawback- u can’t get food delivered online & obviously not a high package microsoft job.”

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s post has undoubtedly sparked a meaningful conversation. However ultimately what truly defines a high quality of life is one’s own definition of luxury and well-being.